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Clarification on the "Church of Christ subsists in the Catholic Church"

SoE Recognized by the USCCB, pg. 14

Pope Francis

The mission of Singles of the Eucharist:

Singles of the Eucharist is a lay apostolate of the Catholic Church. Its mission is to unify, strengthen and encourage single Catholic working, retired or widowed adults toward a life truly centered on the Eucharist.

Starting with the goals, below, singles will be united in their efforts through the Church, to honor the Body and the Blood of Jesus Christ, and will discover together the benefits of living a life truly centered on the Eucharist and promote them to the world.

The goals of the Apostolate:

SoE is all for the Glory of God our Father.

The Singles of the Eucharist website has been approved by the Diocese of Kansas City, Missouri/St. Joseph. Reverend Robert W. Finn, D.D., Bishop.

Whatever you read on SoE is only to help make clear the goals of the organization and for learning and inspiration, and must not be considered "pastoral" in any way. What is written is only intended to bring about a community of singles. SoE will link to documents produced by the Magisterium to further clarify the mission of SoE and the true beliefs of the Catholic Church. Other sources and resources that are in line with the teaching Magisterium may also be linked or referred to, but only always as subordinate to any Magisterial documents that exist and may be more appropriate for that topic. Thinking with the Church explained.

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